Monday, April 04, 2005

This is What Happens When You Only Work 4 out of 10 days

Yes, I'm still at work. Because I've been working! Did leave a little for dinner, but I had to get the month credit card donations for the 1st processed. Now I can go home.

Yes, I'm feeling better today, although I still have my cough. It sounds like that's the last to leave from what those who have had it before me tell me. I could have this thing for weeks. What fun. :(

My fever finally went away yesterday. And I still don't have too much energy. Came into work and was about ready to head out to my car and lie down for awhile. Yes, it's that bad. But I made it through the day and seem to be doing better now then I was then.

In other news, the owner of the car I've complained about most finally got into trouble. :)

Don't know if I'd talked about it here or not, but there is no parking in the allies between buildings in my complex, mainly because there isn't room. You park there, you're parking someone in. There's one car that I've seen park out there lots of times. It was to the point where it would be there three mornings a week, minimum. I said something to the owner one time. Innocent comment, like "You know, this is a non parking zone, right?" (Considering he was standing under a no parking sign, it should have been obvious.) He cussed me out like you wouldn't believe. I've been tempted to call security on him and get his car booted and towed, but haven't worked up enough nerve.

Friday night, I leave the window open to cool it down. Of course, that means we can hear everything that happens in the ally. About midnight, a car comes in blasting it's rap music. And it keeps going for several minutes, too. Then, about 2 Am I away to hear someone talking. It's the owner, trying to get someone to come remove the boot from his car. He's agreeing to pay the money and he's promising to never park there again. Sure hope it works.

At least I think it was the guy. I was tempted to go peak out the window, but didn't want him to think it was me since I had nothing to do with the boot being put on his car.

In other news around the complex, the door into my breezeway from my garage is broken because of kids were playing around it unsupervised Thursday. I kept hearing this banging and finally went down to investigate about the time they broke it. Can't open it from either side even with the key, so I have to use the one for the neighbors. I reported it to the homeowner's association on Thursday. Hopefully, it'll get fixed soon.

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