Monday, January 31, 2005

Busy, busy, busy

I was the social guy this weekend, let me tell you.

Friday night was career Bible study. And I even led worship. I've resisted up to this point because I don't attend that church and I wanted to be led in worship sometimes. It's a way to learn new songs. :) But there's only one other person willing to do it, and he can't be there for a few weeks, so I said I'd fill in. Went well until we got to one song. Which I need to practice tonight, don't I?

Of course, I wasn't feeling well. When I got home, I took my tempurature, and it was 99.3. Went to bed, and couldn't get warm. Finally dropped off to sleep about 1.

Saturday, I woke up and took my temp again. 98.4. Over the course of the day, it ranged from 98.0 to 99.1. I took it easy and finally decided to go to the game night. There were five of us at Debbie's and we played Catch Phrase in rotating teams with one person guessing for both teams. We had lots of fun.

Sunday I was still feeling a little off, but my temp was down to 96.8, which I swear is normal for me, so I headed to church. After church, we had a youth staff meeting. Lunch and planning for the rest of the school year. Lots of fun just hanging out. Then it was back to church for worship practice and the evening service.

Of course, Sunday is also when I found out I can't take one roommate's word for what the others are doing, even if they are all moving out together. One will give me 30 days notice after they've found a place. Another is planning to move out March 1st. You think I would have learned by now they aren't all on the same page.

So that's my weekend in a nut shell. And the dryer just buzzed, so I can get my first load of the night drying. Guess I should head out.

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