Wednesday, February 11, 2004

So, last night, I posted my first review from home in a long time. Little House in the Big Woods. Sure loved it! Why did I wait so long between rereads? But can anyone tell me why the series is called the Little House on the Prarie series since that's the second book? It's driving me crazy. Is it just because of the TV show?

Traffic has become impossible lately. It was backed up for forever when I finally left at 6 last night. At least it's only like that at commute times around here. Still, considering I now have to commute across town, it frustrates me.

Went by the library last night to pick up some books on tape for this weekend. And my request for The Eyre Affair was in, too. Can't wait to start that. Hopefully tonight as soon as I finish my current novella, Unveiled. It's so short, I'm hoping to finish it before the guys come over tonight.

Speaking of which, looks like I'll be their driver all semester. Really don't like having to come back over here after we're done, adds about 40 minutes of drive time to my evening, plus it means I can't do anything at home like watch something I've recorded that I haven't had a chance to watch yet. This will come into play when I am wanting to watch 24 next week.

Speaking of watching things via tape delay, I was highly disappointed with 7th Heaven last night. Ruthie and Peter decided to do a different President's Day project by digging up or making up as much dirt as they could about Washington and Lincoln. Naturally, that caused a mess and they got in trouble for it. I thought, since they got the idea from modern news, maybe the program would go on to point out that maybe we're trashing our current leaders too quickly and the media needs to take a step back sometimes. And yes, I'm including Clinton in this. But I guess this issue wasn't politically correct enough (as deemed by the media) to get dealt with.

And as long as we're ranting, here's my thoughts on the current flap over Bush's military service. He served somewhere. No, it was not in Vietnam, but he might have been called up and told to go. Sounds like he took full advantage of the flexibility offered by the National Guard while he was in, but made up his time. Above all, he was honorable discharged, which means they thought at the time that he had completely all the requirements. Who are we 30 years later to try to prove he didn't?

So Kerry is a Vietnam veteran. I have respect for him for that. HOWEVER, anyone remember a little guy named Clinton? In case anyone has too short a memory to remember 1992, let's discuss his service record. He didn't have one but left the country to avoid the draft. And the Democrats claimed that kind of attitude was fine from someone who wanted to be President. My how their attitudes have changed when their nominee (and it looks safe to call Kerry that) suddenly has a more presitious record.

Yes, teh selective reporting and postings of others on the internet drives me batty, why do you ask?

Since I'm still behind on quizzes, let's try to do something about that, shall we?


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Does that mean I'm related to Di? :)

Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.

This guy certainly was a loon. What fun. :)

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