Friday, February 20, 2004

Last night certainly was interesting from a worship team angle. Naturally, since I was out of town Sunday, I didn't expect to participate in leading worship. It's exactly what I'd tell the kids, so I shouldn't be any different. I arrive to find that they didn't practice for a variety of reasons, so nothing was planned. And I hadn't even brought my guitar! Furthermore, Scott and Jared weren't even there to play since they had an extra practice for basketball since they were in the playoffs. So we decided to just take requests and sing accapella. There were a few missed songs since we had no words, but it seemed to go ok for an off the cuff thing.

Next week had better knock them out of the park to make up for it. No pressure or anything.

Got a notice from my electric company in the mail today. Power's going to be off from noon until 4:30 tomorrow. Why couldn't they wait until Monday when everyone will be at work? I have laundry to do and I still have TV shows to catch up on from last week still. Before I left.

But the real news here is that my brother is engaged. What this means for me as far as Trixie camp goes has yet to be determined. We'll have to figure out when will work best and work it out with my boss. Further updates as events warrent.

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