Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I had a wonderful time this weekend. We basically had two lazy days playing games and playing stuff there like shuffle board and horse shoes. We played lots of Outburst and I introduced my family to the joys of the Stock Market game. They seemed to really enjoy it, even though I won. :)

Friday, I even had time to stop at an outlet mall and spend lots of money. I was just going to stop and see if the Revere Ware store had the tea kettle I've been trying to find down here to no avail. Yep, they had it. But then I stopped by the Reebok store and bought three pairs of shoes, including a new pair of running shoes. And I stopped by the bookstore twice and bought three books. But I only spent $15 on them and got two hardbacks and one paperback for that price, so it was a good deal, right?

Plus I figured out that Plymoth is about two hours closer then my parents. Didn't mind that part of it at all.

Furthermore, there was no pressure to come up again any time soon.

Yes, there were some times I felt left out being the only single peron there, but certainly not at dinner and certainly not for very long. All in all, it was a very fun time and I'm glad I went.

Being Tuesday, think I should get right on this week's word association:

  1. Dragon:: My Father's
  2. Molecule:: small
  3. Tire:: rubber
  4. Mighty:: God
  5. Octane:: gas
  6. Troll:: ugly
  7. Atmosphere:: breathing
  8. Guide:: leader
  9. Leash:: dog
  10. Dustmite:: allergies

Never thought I'd use God and dog in the same week for this thing. :)

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