Monday, February 02, 2004

Frustrations, they name is me today.

1) It's been Wednesday since I've been able to do anything in my living room. Whenever I'm home, there are other roommates in the living room studying or watching TV. Granted, they say I can kick them out, but the one time I actually tried to take them up on their offer, it didn't happen. So I've been in my bedroom most of the weekend watching what I want to watch. That's going to get old in a big hurry. Seems like I do that almost every day.

2) As a result, I haven't watched Babar yet. And it sure is calling me.

3) One roommate in particular is horrid at cleaning up after himself. Last night, I came home to find the kitchen a complete disaster area. And yet he got upset when I made him clean it up before he started watching yet another movie on the DVD player. He also bought so much food yesterday that hardly anyone else can get food into the frig and he had to overflow from his four pantry shelves onto one of my two with chips and pretzel sticks. Now I know I'm bad about sharing, but this is just over the top.

4) When I got into work today, I was handed some paperwork I should have gotten on Friday. This particular notice changed our payroll tax due date from Wednesday to today, which obviously we couldn't make now. So we'll have to pay a few thousand in penalties when I file next quarter's taxes. I'd better not be blaimed for it, because the fault clearly lies with a couple other people in this office. I really need to get an e-mail out about that, but it's kinda hard when one of the people involved is my boss.

It's not all bad news on the Mark front, however. I finally finished A Certain Justice over the weekend. Might not have if I'd been able to watch Babar, so all good things and all that. And yesterday was a hoot. Went over to a friend house for the Super Bowl and actually got to watch the entire thing this year. Had lots of fun hanging out with friends. Stayed for the premier of Survivor All Stars. While I was expecting the former winners to leave early, I was hoping Tina would stay around longer. I really liked her. It'll be interesting to see if Rich was all talk or not if he ever decides to start fire on his own. I'd forgotten how much I hate that guy.

Got The God's Must be Crazy 2 Pack in the mail today, so I think that's going to be my evening. If I can get to the DVD player that is.

It's finally started to rain!!! They promised us rain today, and we get it just in time to make the commute home bad. :) Still, we need rain like you wouldn't believe.

Thought I'd try something different, doing the word association on Monday this week. :)

  1. Ignore:: me at your own risk
  2. Death:: and taxes
  3. Missy:: young lady
  4. Ballet:: dance
  5. Guest:: towle
  6. Campus:: college
  7. Lonely:: one (is the lonelies number)
  8. Company:: friends over
  9. Helicopter:: flying
  10. Sterile:: hospital

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