Monday, December 08, 2003

Ready for a blow by blow of my weekend? Taken your no doze? Then here goes.

Friday night, I decided to throw caution to the wind - and head out to Best Buy before I went home. Didn't get home until 8 as a result, but I did get a couple of Christmas presents. Half way done with my shopping. Unfortunately, it's the easy half.

When I did get home, I started putting the entertainment center together. Finally finished, around 1:30 AM. I hate putting things like that together. Anyway, waited for Jeff to get home to help me move it into place and get the TV into it. It was about 2:30 by the time we got that done. I was wide awake and Jeff had some laundry to do, so we decided to hit the hot tub for a few minutes (my back was killing me.) Unfortunately, it was more a luke warm tub at best. Crawled into bed and read, so it was almost 4 by the time I turned out the light.

Saturday, woke to the wonderful sounds of Jeff's alarm clock. When he didn't shut it off, I got up to investigate. Turns out he had already left for work. So I turned it off and went back to sleep. Finally dragged myself out of bed with a splitting headache at 10:30. Wasn't feeling up to the trip, so I didn't go to Mysteries to Die For for the book signing. Still got the book, but here in town, thus saving me gas money.

Went home and called my family while I worked on moving the rest of my stuff into my entertainment center, only to discover that my tuner/sound system wouldn't fit where I wanted to put it. The shelves were wide enough, but the opening was a little narrower and there wasn't room to put it in and turn it. So I had to rearrange how I was going to up stuff in there. My sub is now on the floor again. Not my first choice, but it looks so nice in my living room. Spent the rest of the day watching TV.

Sunday, after church, I decorated my Christmas tree. Since I didn't get one last year, it was so nice digging out my ornaments and reliving various family vacations, Trixie camps, and other special things. Now I know I really only had to decorate half my tree, and it's only 6 feet tall, but man is it crowded with ornaments already! Just the way a tree should look. :)

This morning, they finally came and looked at my leak. At first, they could find a thing, even after cutting a hole in my wall. The guy tried to tell me it was the drain, and I couldn't hear the noise myself or convence him otherwise. As soon as he left, I heard it again, and stuck my hand along the pipe in the hole. Sure enough, there it was about two inches above where he had looked. Fortunately, I found him no problem and he came back and put a clamp on it, so it should all be taken care of now. I hope. And now I get to try to get the drywall guy to come and fix my wall. At least this didn't cost me any vacation time since they were gone for the second time by 8:30.

Right now, I need a good night's sleep. Got a bad headache half way through working out in the fitness center at lunch time, so I quit. It's gone now, but I'm tired and out of it. Hopefully, I'll be more with it tomorrow.

But first, this week's word association

  1. Blizzard:: Snow
  2. J:: K
  3. Control:: Order
  4. Blood:: Red
  5. Mysterious:: Code
  6. Annoying:: Younger Siblings
  7. Throat:: Swallow
  8. Condom:: sex (We'll see what kind of hits that gets me.)
  9. Search:: Find
  10. Heartfelt:: Emotions

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