Thursday, December 04, 2003

Look at that, it's already time for The Thursday Threesome again. This week, brought to us by Bing Crosby and The Back Porch.

Onesome: I'm dreaming of a white Christmas- Are you hoping for a white Christmas this year, or are you somewhere you seldom see snow?
I’ve never had a white Christmas. To me, Christmas is cold and rainy, so I’m really dreaming of a wet Christmas. Just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?

Twosome: With every Christmas card I write- Have you begun the cards? Do you write a personal note in each one, or just sign a generic greeting and your name? Or maybe print out the ol' yearly form letter to let everyone know what's new for you?
The problem with your assumption is that I send Christmas cards period. Every year, I have high hopes, but they never come to be. Too little time and other things I need to be doing.

Threesome: May your days be merry and bright- What do you do for the holidays to ensure they'll be merry?
Spend them with my family. If I didn’t, I know I’d be depressed and sad.

And this week's word association as well.

  1. Scrooge:: Bah. Humbug!
  2. Ribbon:: Bow
  3. Physical:: Running
  4. Income:: Tax
  5. Dream:: Sleep
  6. Notebook:: Computer
  7. Disney:: Animated Classics
  8. Combo:: Fast Food, specifically burgers
  9. Booty:: Pirates
  10. Skin:: Tan

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