Monday, November 17, 2003

Where to start?

Saturday, I was up and about early and went to see the first showing of Brother Bear. Let's just say that Bambi now has competition as the most sad of the Disney animated movies. And, yet, somehow I enjoyed it. Not something to see when you want to laugh (although the two moose are great). A good movie, but a two sleeve, wish I'd brought Kleenex kinda thing.

Came into the office for a while and worked on listmanias at Amazon then went home and tried to play catch up on my TV viewing. TNT rerunning Angel around their basketball schedule keeps throwing me off. I got only part of the episode Thursday because they started 30 minutes late.

Sunday, went to church in the morning and had a SNYF that night. No worship team practice since we're just having our Thanksgiving feast this Thursday. Talked to my family for almost two hours. Part of it was spent talking to Mike, which was very good. I just love modern technology. I was talking to my brother in Colorado and my parents in Northern CA at the same time. For free thanks to free weekends on celphones.

Still trying to decide what I want to do over Christmas break. I may need to be back to organize and/or do other things for the condo. And I should get in touch with Seth and Kiersten to see if they'll be in town at all or not, cause I'd love to see them, show them the new place, etc.

Have a tentative lead on a new roommate in January. Will post more if it comes together. I think it will, and I'm excited, but I'm just not sure yet.

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