Friday, November 07, 2003

So, Wednesday night, I got home from work to discover we were having a problem with the cable. See if this makes any sense to you.

The cable in the living room was uneffected. The cable in the bedrooms was getting poor reception. However, it was only for the lower channels. The higher the channel, the greater the likelyhood we'd get good reception.

Yeah, makes no sense to me, either.

Today was Jeff's day off, so he was on call all day. A guy from the cable company came out and took a look at it. Apparently, we had a faulty splitter in the living room that was effecting the other cable outlets. But why it would suddenly start after we've been there for 7 weeks is beyond me. Either way, it's been fixed, so that's good.

Last night was interesting at youth group. We had the last ladies home volleyball game going on in the gym, plus parent teacher meetings in the classrooms all happening on campus. Needless to say, it was crowded. And different with no game time. Fortunately, I seemed to be ready for worship time to be first even though I didn't have the overheads ready to go when I showed up at 6:30. It did help that Dave already had the machine set up for me, so all I had to do was get them out and tune my guitar. Still, went well. Then we had a longer time for the lesson and small groups, which also went surprisingly well last night.

I think I want to go to a movie this weekend, but I can't figure out which one to attend. I'm leaning toward Radio because my parents raved about it last weekend when we talked. While I want to see the third Matrix film, I'm going to wait and see if I can see it with anyone else. And I still want to see Brother Bear. Next weekend brings more movies I want to see. I may honestly have to go every weekend until the end of the year to see everything I want to see.

In case you missed it, my reviewing goal for the month of November was 10. As of this moment, I've written 8, all this week. Heck, I've written more then one a day this month so far. Not that I plan to review one a day for the month of November. But this means I only need to write 6 more to hit my year long goal of 400 reviews total! I'm thrilled, needless to say.

Finally, two quizzes. The first, the political philosophy quiz every one else has done.

I am a Centrist.

Centrists favor selective government intervention and emphasize practical solutions to current problems. They tend to keep an open mind on new issues. Many centrists feel that government serves as a check on excessive liberty.

Of course, the chart shows me on the border between centrist and right conservative. Which is where I think I really belong. If they'd had more questions, I probably would have wound up there.

And now, Leslie's new Trixie quiz.

Gatehouse Mystery
The Gatehouse Mystery

Which Trixie Belden Mystery are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Ok, I threw a couple of the questions. And I thought about getting Cobbitt's Island cause I just love both of those books.

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