Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I am just not getting anything done at work these days. I have a productive last couple hours of my day, but that's about it. I really need to get a move on again.

Meanwhile, Marcus should be gone. He was planning to move out in the early afternoon. And I have no leads on new roommates.

Posted my 390th review at Amazon today. Heck, if I review everything on my list this week, I may just about have my November quota finished by the end of the week. :) Which just means I'll have to reach 400 reviews as soon as possible.

Other thoughts? I'm sure I had some. But my brain seems to have shut down. Not that too much is going on.

Picked up Finding Nemo yesterday. Started looking for a tree topper. And realized why it's a good thing I'm not going into stores to brouse while I have no money to spend. If I do that, I'll spend money I really honestly truly don't have right now.

In fact, I'm even not buying a new book that came out this month I really want. I figure I won't read it until Januray at the earliest, so I'll wait until after Christmas. When I hopefully have more roommates. And I can always put it on my Christmas list. But it's the sequel to For Whom the Minivan Rolls, which I loved, so I'll need to get it at some point. Same with getting the Music Man remake when it comes out next week. Guess I'll be learning patience in a hurry.

Finally, a quiz, thanks to Aleta.

Norman Rockwell
Golly Gee!! You are NORMAN ROCKWELL.
You are a painter of simple, everyday happenings.
You tend to avoid the outrageous and stay well
within the guidelines of society. Your friends
count on you for your loyalty and level-

Which famous artist most reflects your personality?
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Like that's a surprise.

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