Monday, November 03, 2003

Got some trick or treaters Friday night. Maybe 20 at the most. Which is good since I only had a couple bags of fun bars to give out. Really didn't have a clue how many to expect. Turns out I was fine. Don't know if the rain kept people away or if that's about right.

Jeff and Jenn had carved some pumpkins, and they looked great.

Saturday, I decided I wasn't going to leave the condo. Washed my bedding, got caught up on TV, read quite a bit in The Ironclad Alibi, and watched some DVD's. I had invited the Convention over to catch up on Enterprise. About 45 minutes before they were supposed to come over, I got a call. The only member of the group with a car had dropped out on them. So I left to come pick them up, then when we were done, I took them home again. So much for not leaving the place.

Sunday was more lazing around bookended by church on both ends. Family Fellowship again last night, which was fun.

Rained a little tiny bit this morning, but that's about it. Nothing substantial, but every little bit will help the firefighters. The fire is out here in Santa Clarita, but there are fires still burning in the rest of Southern CA.

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