Monday, September 29, 2003

Yesterday was fun, but long.

After the morning service, we loaded the kids up in the bus and took the jr. high and sr. high to the Northridge mall for a mall scavenger hunt. The day before, Becky had gone down and made up a whole lot of questions reguarding signs in store windows, number of things in the mall, etc. Then on Sunday, we broke up into teams and had to find the right answers. It was lots of fun, even if my team didn't finish near the top. And I thought we'd done so well, too.

Anyway, we got back just in time for the evening service. Afterwards, the worship team was supposed to practice, but we all decided we were too tired. So we'll be practicing during the game time of Bible study.

Of course, it'll just be high school that night. The jr. high will be at a spiritual life retreat. Yet, I'm still going since the jr. high Bible study isn't officially canceled. Why Dave won't cancel it, I have no clue, but there you are.

Meantime, a co-worker is waiting for me to take her to pick up her car. So I guess I'd better go. If I feel like it tomorrow, I'll rant about the latest on the Amazon customer review board. You know, that board I was going to stop going to a while back. I have no self-control!

BTW, still making no progress on that account I can't reconcil! Frustrates me to no end, too!

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