Thursday, September 04, 2003

Quiz day here at RR. Starting off with Mary's Tuesday Two.

1. Name a moment/incident/storyline in a book that you’ve never been able to forget
I’ve been trying, and I really can’t remember any life changing storylines in books. I’ve enjoyed the stories in the last few Thoene books. But a scene I’ve never forgotten is Honey trying to act like a gangster in the barn loft in book number 2.

2. What is your favorite first line of a novel?
“Nothing. Nothing but nothing. She stood in the middle of nothing and turned in a small circle. Everywhere she looked, everywhere, she saw nothing.” Sandy Dengler – Taste of Victory.

And now, for this week's Thursday Threesome, brought to us by traffic lights and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Red- Stop! Take a moment from your busy day and let us know what it's like now that the kids are back in school. Hey, even if you don't have kids, I'm betting the traffic pattern has changed on your commute! ...and not for the better, -eh?
Actually, my commute doesn’t change that much between summer and school. Probably because of how close I am to work. Don’t know what effect it will have in 16 days when I move.

Meanwhile, there is life on campus again for the first time in months. It really does start to feel dead when the students are gone. Even though I don’t talk to that many on a daily basis, just seeing them outside the windows changes something.

Twosome: Yellow- The leaves will be yellow and gold soon in New England! Who's your team this year? Oh, college of course! (Okay, you can go NFL if you'd like ...)
Master’s, duh! Never mind the facts that I don’t even follow them and we don’t have a football team.

Threesome: Green- Go ahead, tell us what is happening in your neck of the woods as Autumn approaches. I've heard tales of the ash trees turning golden in Pennsylvania while central California is still in triple digits. What are you seeing when you're out on your porch?
Autumn? I think I’ve heard about that season somewhere. Things do cool off, but not until mid to late October. Still around 95 every day here and likely to be that way for quite some time. We get lots of wind during October and November. Some trees do loose their leaves, but nothing like in other parts of the country.

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