Monday, September 08, 2003

My weekend felt like a three day weekend, which was nice.

Of course, it was a two and a half day weekend.

Friday afternoon with OtherSeth at Magic Mountain was fun. I'd forgotten just how much you can do in that park when no one's there. We didn't get there until after 2PM, yet we rode all the major rides, including the new one, and were out of the park by 5:30PM. The only downside was that it was HOT in the sun. Probably up around 100.

Then Friday night, Mom and Dad came into town on their way back to Northern CA from Colorado. Via Phoenix and me. Spent the night with them, then we went out and looked at my new condo Saturday morning. They were very impressed. That afternoon, we hung around the trailer and did laundry. Not the most thrilling visit, but it was great to see them.

Then Saturday night I went home AND DID MY LAST TWO LOADS OF LAUNDRY HAVING TO PAY WITH QUARTERS!!!!!!!!!!! And why would that be again? Because escrow closes Friday and I move in 12 days! Frankly, it couldn't come any sooner. Friday, I did a load of towels and had to dry them twice. That's just way too annoying.

Sunday we had our first worship team practice before evening service. Went fine, but having to be at church at 5 sure does break up my afternoon. Of course, in a couple weeks, I won't have to leave until 4:50, which will be nice.

And, you knew this day would come, but I must once again talk a little politics. Something I have to get off my chest reguarding the governor's race here in CA.

First, Arnold is all but accused of being anti-immigrant, and therefore, a hypocrit. And why? Because he voted for proposition 187. Now, for those of you outside CA, here's what they proposition made the law of the state. Illegal immigrants were treated only for emergency procedures in state hospitals. Other then that, they didn't qualify for welfare of anything else the state of CA gives to the poor. And why is that? BECAUSE THEY ARE ILLEGAL!!!!! Yes, it makes life harder for legal immigrants. It would be nice if it didn't. But there's no other way to treat people who come here by breaking the law. See, there's a big difference between what Arnold did and what these people are doing. Any body who actually uses their brain would see that.

Not that it made any difference. The courts, in all their wisdom, overturned the law.

Now, Governor Davis is attacking Arnold, saying anyone who can't pronounce California shouldn't be it's governor. Now, Arnold as governor does scare me, but not for that reason. I don't think he really knows what he's doing to lead our state, and there are other people better qualified. But the fact that he has an accent isn't one of the issues I'm concerned with. And, the majority of the media isn't even bothering to report on this.

Meanwhile, we've got the only Democrat who broke ranks not wanting to break his ties to MEChA. I had some dealings with them and other clubs when I was going to the junior college. Frankly, they would scare me if they were anything but talk. But they are a racist group. (Wait, they are racists against European Americans. Can I call them that?) And the fact that he won't call them on it really bothers me. Unfortunately, I see him as being our next governor because I think Davis is toast. Hope so, anyway.

And, to end on a lighter note:

Hello! Someone call the hair police. It's called a
brush my friend. Use it.

What kind of hair do you have?
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Um, a brush would require me to have some hair before I could use it! :) (Told you it was a lighter note.)

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