Tuesday, September 16, 2003

My mind is going a million different directions at the moment.

I thought I'd found an entertainment center I liked at Wal-Mart quite by accident a few weeks ago. Went back to look at it last night, and I notice one that only $30 more that I like better. Except for one thing. It's fake cherry finish. Two problems with that. 1) I don't especially like cherry wood. 2) Every thing else I have is fake oak, except for the coffee tables, which are real oak. I was hoping to decide something by tomorrow and buy it and work on assembling it Thursday while waiting for the cable guy to come. I think I'll just move my cart over and wait a while longer.

Meanwhile, I found a place that sells the surround sound mounts like I want for $40 less then everywhere else I've looked. That's the good news. The bad news? It's the Good Guys. So I guess I'll be breaking my self-impossed boycott. Maybe in the three years I haven't bought anything from them, they've learned to treat customers better. I'm sure they've noticed that money I haven't spent there. :)

Other then that, I packed up my Trixie's last night. Must really be moving!

Really need to go home tonight and focus on getting things packed up and moved over so I can feel like I've made a little more progress. Although I did get a ton of boxes moved over last night. Scratched my new watch on the concrete wall in the process, so after only two months it's got so nice scruff marks on it. But I guess I'll live.

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