Friday, September 19, 2003

My boss just left early for the weekend, and he said we could go, too. I'm out of here to get a couple extra hours of work in on my move.

Things are going well in that front. I keep alternating between thinking I have everything under control and thinking I don't have nearly as much done. But I'm to the point where it would be as much work to move back into my old place as to keep moving into the new one, so I must be doing something right.

Looks like there will be six of us helping tomorrow, with the possibility of more. And since it'll mainly be adults this time around, things should go well. Not that I wasn't greatful for the help of the jr. highers last time, but more adults can handle more.

I really do think this will be a couple hour activity unlike last time where it took all day to move my boxes and furniture from one place to another. I know I won't be fully moved in when next I blog, but I hope to have everything in one convenient location, MY NEW CONDO!

Done with that ramble.

Kyle did fine joining the worship team last night. (Guess I forgot to blog that he did make it to practice Sunday.) The feedback I got when I asked was that he was a possitive addition to the group, which was great. And I must remember to tell him that people thought he blended in well with the guitars, which was my biggest concern.

Ok, if I'm going to take advantage of this time, I'd better get going. Have a great weekend, and relax extra for me. :)

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