Saturday, September 27, 2003

Man, I've hardly been here all week. What have I been up to?

Not much, actually. Work, going home and watching TV. Exciting stuff like that.

Went and played ultimate at the college today. First time I've had a chance since I learned "he" is in IBEX this semester. Small group, but I had fun.

Discovered last night I misset the VCR for recording Survivor Thursday night. :( I'm so used to my digital cable (not that I mind giving it up) that I set the VCR to channel three. So I got an hour of the scroll of the programs that are on. Really riviting watching. Read about the episode on the CBS site, but it wasn't the same.

In case you missed it, the recall election here in CA is back on for the 7th. But watch for the ACLU to sue over the results on the 8th. If Davis looses, and especially if Bustamonte looses as well, it will happen. Trust me.

Meanwhile, I've already spent longer here then I intended to, so I think I'm going to go home and spend some time by the pool, followed by some time working on unpacking. I guess I should get started on moving my books and DVD's from the garage to the condo at some point. :)

Don't forget, Alias season 3 starts tomorrow night! BTW, Sue, have you watched the season 1 DVD set yet? What do you think?

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