Monday, September 15, 2003

In my pocket right now are the keys to my new condo! And in my car are about a million copies (that I don't have to make!) Yes, I'm excited, although how I'm going to get all the furniture in there and still have room for roommates is beginning to concern me.

Actually started packing Saturday. Well, I wouldn't want to rush into anything. :) And I moved my bike and guitar over last night. The carpets should be professionally cleaned by now and dry, so I can do whatever over there tonight, although I'm just planning to put most of my boxes in the garage until the furniture is in there Saturday. 5 days!

Saturday morning, I headed down to Thousand Oaks for a book signing. One of the former writer/producers of Diagnosis Murder has started writing books based on the series, and he was signing the first one. Again, I got there late, but it was lots of fun. He and his writing partner were there and telling stories about what it's like to work in Hollywood. You guys think your characters talk back to you? Try dealing with actors and studio execs. :) Anyway, it's going to be the next book I read. Can't wait to get to it.

Jeff is moving back sometime this week. At least as of last night. But with the carpets cleaned, that won't be a problem now.

And now to the issue I've been steamed over all day. In case you haven't heard, the Ninth Circuit Court has delayed the recall election here in CA until March so that the final 6 counties can get rid of the punch card ballots. This is after sample ballots AND absentee ballots have been mailed out. Yet one of the reasons to oppose this election is because of what it's costing us tax payers.

Ok, now I will admit that punch ballots have problems. But I've been voting with them for the last six years. It's what I used to vote for Bush in 2000 and against Davis in 1998 and 2002. So, why is it they are suddenly so bad we have to postpone an election that has been announced and ballots mailed for? Somewhere on-line today, I saw that punch ballots only cause 1.63% more problems then other forms of balloting. That's right, no one has found the perfect system yet. And the problem with computer voting is much worse.

Yet, if the Supreme Court overturns this, they'll suddenly be the activist judges and not the ones who gave us this stupid ruling to begin with.

Innitially, I didn't think this election was nearly the circus that some in the media make it out to be. Now it is.

And, as long as I'm ranting about politics, I missed something in my Monday rant last week. Again, in case you missed it, Governor Davis signed a law making it legal for illegal immigrants to get driver's liscenses here in CA. Come on! Driving is a priveledge. One we shouldn't be giving to those who are breaking laws. His rational? This way they can get to work. Um, jobs they aren't supposed to have? And, since this is a legal form of identification, and there will be no note on the card that they are illegal, it will make it harder then ever to tell who is here legally and who got into our country by breaking the law.

I actually saw someone commenting that they and their friends needed illegal immigrants. If they had to pay real wages to someone, their arguement went, then they couldn't afford the lifestyle they currently had. Poor baby. They have to have a maid or gardner that they can take advantage of and under pay then do the work themselves? I certainly am not springing for a maid. You can live by doing that kind of work yourself.

Ok, it's dinner time. I think my tirade is over. :)

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