Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Angel reruns started Monday on TNT, and I'm already behind! Of course it's because I decided to join Jeff and Jenn down at the pool instead of watching it during the time between 7th Heaven and CSI: Miami. Was fun, but now I need to get two watched tonight.

Which means unpacking just isn't happening. And I'm ready to get stuff on my shelves.

Ok, I feel like ranting again, so here goes.

First of all, you might remember when, almost two months ago, I announced (here only) that I wasn't going to post on the Amazon customer review board any more. As soon as that had hit the blog, I got an e-mail from the friend who was banned saying he'd be reinstated. And yes, I wound up being sucked right back in.

The last couple of days have been horrid. First, a thread got out of hand and wound up with two regulars threatening each other. One of them went back and deleted his posts on the matter, which makes him look like an innocent victim, and people seem to be siding with him over the other guy, who's just vanished from the board. This guy who deleted his posts thinks he knows it all because he was a college professor and served in Vietnam. His posts to those of us who disagree with him are always condesending, so I'll be very happy if he actually leaves.

Meanwhile, we have our own little troll over there. Everytime he shows up, he posts a political message. Several of us have tried nicely to tell him to take his vile Bush hatred elsewhere, but he refuses to go. The only time he posted something at all review related was to talk about how inferier we who review for Amazon are over "real" reviewers. Naturally, that went over well.

In his latest thread, started Monday, one of the regulars has jumped to his defense, calling the rest of us hypocrits because we don't agree with him and because we don't want to get involved in flame wars over politics. Several of us called him on that, but he's just ignored us. Meanwhile, one of the people who was in the shouting match over the weekend has announced he's leaving, and spent all day yesterday on the board. Including a couple closing pot shots in that thread that were uncalled for and mean-spirited. Someone keeps posting in that thread, and the comments are deleted. Sure wish I knew who it was.

Needless to say, things have been interesting over there the last couple of days. Looks like, as always, things will quite down and everyone will think they won/were right until it all blows up again in a couple of weeks. I try to avoid most of the threads that look like problems, or I'd be ranting like this every day, I'm sure.

But, looking at the time, it's dinner time. Then comes grocery shopping and home to relax and watch TV.

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