Wednesday, September 03, 2003

ACK! It's already 5!! Really need to get going since tonight is worship team practice. Last one on a Wednesday, however. We're switching to Sunday on Sunday.

Went and looked at a couch last night. Not convienced that it was that much better then what I already had. But they mentioned a place that seems to have great deals on their furniture. Maybe I can snag something there.

And I need to look at mattresses for bunk beds, too, so if roommates need them, I've got them.

For example Jeff. He called today because he's thinking of moving back to the area. Initially, he just wanted to move in for a couple weeks until he could figure something else out. But I think he's going to move into the new place. It'll be fun having him as a roommate again. If he does indeed move back here. We'll just have to see.

Still don't have my Alias set yet. I'm expecting it in tomorrow's mail.

Meanwhile, it's dinner time. Gotta run.

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