Thursday, March 20, 2003

Yesterday turned out to be quite different then I thought it'd be. We were all working hard (really) around 10:45 when we heard a load buzz-pop coming from outside and the lights started to flicker like crazy. We looked outside, and the wires outside the building were sparking. And setting the leaves on an oak tree on fire. Power came back on, but about 10:50, power went out for good. Fortunately, I had the deposit mostly finished, so I finished that up in the semi-dark of the room. The trees never did catch fire (fortunately), but when I got back from lunch, they determined that we weren't going to get power back at all yesterday. So I went right back home (stupid fitness center wasn't openned again!) and called Other Seth. He decided to skip class and we headed out to Ventura. It wasn't much colder out there then it was here in town, so the weather was very nice. We walked on the beach and around the dock area for awhile because we thought the water would be too cold, but it was still very nice to get out and enjoy the day. Temp was in the high 60's or low 70's.

Then I got on with my normal plans for the day, which included heading over to the Moss's to meet with Garrick, George, and Jon to work on guitar stuff. We hardly got anything done in the hour we had. Of course, George and Jon were later then I was and we stopped to watch the President's speech. Still, I don't think Wednesday night is going to work, so we'll see what happens.

Got up and ran again this morning. So why haven't I gotten sore at all? Does this mean it's doing me no good? Or does this mean I won't die as much as I think I will this weekend?

Meanwhile, in all this electric confusion, looks like they've reset the internet settings. All the blogs I've asked to remember my info seem to have forgotten it. It'll be annoying typing it all in again. O well, I'll survive.

Meanwhile, need to go so I get to youth group on time. Of course, after yesterday, I'm all set music wise of tonight, so it definitely had a plus side.

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