Thursday, March 13, 2003

Ok, which one of my co-workers reads this thing? Or should that be which one of you snitched to them? At 4:30 I was called out of my office to find a group waiting for me with balloon card and present. Usually we just do card and cake, but they got me the original version of The Music Man on DVD since we've been listening to and discussing it so much over the past few weeks. The card's a belated card, and a couple of the comments are great. Like Jason wishing me a "Happy 5 days after your birthday." Yes, I'm feeling better.

Only problem? I really want to go home and watch the movie tonight. Heck, I wanted to watch the MM last night. But instead, I need to head home and get ready for Bible study. And when I get home, it'll be time for CSI and Without a Trace. But I guarentee I'll be watching this weekend!

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