Friday, March 21, 2003

It's another glorious day here in Southern CA. It was supposed to be around 70 today, and I believe it got there. Supposed to be the same all weekend, which will be perfect for playing ultimate frisbee. This is the weekend of the St. Pat's Hat tournament. You might or might not remember that I played in this tourny last year as well. I'm guessing I'll be playing 6 or so games this weekend, so I'll be sore by the time it's over, but it'll be so much fun. And much nicer weather then last year. Last year, we were freezing! There isn't much up at the official site, but if you want to read a little more about where I'll be, there you go.

Of course, this does mean I'll miss the first weekend of our intramurals for ultimate here at Master's. I'm on Pete's team again this year, and I think we've got a really strong team. Definitely got the two strongest women. Should be a good year.

And tonight, I'm going out after Bible study with the newly engaged Donald and Heather. Seems that all it takes to get married is be my roommate. :) With the tourney, 'twill be my only chance to hang out with Donald this trip, and something tells me I won't be seeing him much after Heather finishes her student teaching and moves out of the area.

Bible study went well last night. Talked to Dave for quite awhile after, and took a look at the new songsheets for the kids. Not really that different, but we're talking about having them bound so they'll last longer then the 8 years the last ones lasted. And they were falling apart let me tell you!

My Quizno's sandwhich wasn't up to par last night, however. They were having major problems with their oven. :( And I thought they'd finally have Sabrina get back together with Harvey last night, but they didn't. I hope those two are together before the show ends.

Looks like it's time for dinner. Pizza in the caf and then again with D&H. The perfect before ultimate food, right?

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