Friday, March 14, 2003

Is this day finally over?!! It seems like it's dragged on forever. It hasn't helped that no one in the office has wanted to work all day. We're chatting, goofing off. But that makes the time move so slowly.

And the worst part is, I'm not nearly as far along as I should wanted to be on the project I'm working on. I've got about another day's worth before I can set it aside and get to the next project. Still, I've made major progress this week, so I can rest happy.

They're predicting that it will storm tomorrow!!!! First of all, that means I won't have to go to the youth church work day. Second, it means I can get nice and muddy and make myself sick playing ultimate frisbee in the rain. Third, it means I'll be able to experience a real rain storm on my bald head. You'd think I would have experienced that shaving two years in January, but these have been drought years and we haven't gotten any rain. And, finally, it means we get more rain, which we really need.

I'm thinking of trying to add a showing of DareDevil in to the mix as well tomorrow. I know, I know, I already have enough planned. But I so need to see Jennifer Garner on the big screen. Yes, need is right. Then I get to see her in an all new Alias the next night. Sounds like a good weekend to me. Marcus will be gone, so I can spend all the time I want reading, watching my new DVD's and basically be lazy.

But right now, I'm off to a just for fun at the Durons. Should

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