Sunday, March 02, 2003

I survived LCC. Actually, had a very fun time. Got lots and lots of books autographed. Really wish I'd actually read some of the books. I felt rather stupid after awhile going up to an author and getting an autograph saying, "I haven't read your book yet, but it sounds good and I'm looking forward to it."

However, I do have a few highlights for you.

1) Spilling to beans to Dawn Weiss that she's in Jerrilyn Farmer's new book.

2) Discussing said book at length with the author since there's a mistake in the first chapter that really threw me off when I stayed up late finishing it.

3) Touring "The Manor," or at least the location for it, with Keith Snyder. It's the house he used to live in that he had his characters live in in Show Control and Coffin's Got the Dead Guy on the Inside. It was within walking distance of the convention.

4) Getting a signed excuse slip from Keith since walking down and back made me late getting to Lovell's for dinner.

Linda (Crime Time) and Jan (another of Linda's loyal customers) were both there, so I had someone to hang out with. All in all, I had lots of fun, but will probably crash and burn tonight.

I think my cold might be going away again. I sure hope for good this time.

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