Monday, March 24, 2003

Bet you didn't expect me to pop in this time of night, did you? Well, here I am. :)

But first, we bring you yesterday.

Matt and Tavi really did lead worship for Sunday School, so I didn't have to have anything prepared. Maybe I'll use what I had next week. Then I skipped church and headed down to the field. We won the first game but lost the second to a team we'd lost to on Saturday. This means both years I've played, my team has lost in the semi-finals. I was only in a few points, but didn't really have anything spectacular to report either good or bad. The most frustrating part for me was when a certain teammate kept trying to call me out the few points I did go in for. Hey, I paid just as much money as he did to be there. Anyway, the two teams in the finals were the only two teams we lost to, so I'd say that's something to be proud of.

Probably the best part of the day was playing the crazy game some of us played while waiting for the finals to get going. We were doing things like opposite hand throwing and under a leg. Crazy stuff but I couldn't stop laughing.

Dave forgot to bring the songbooks to the SNYF last night, but that's ok since we didn't have time to sing. They've sure picked up on the nuances of 4 on a couch. After 30 minutes, Dave ended us with a tie.

Today was not my day. Phil was asking me about stuff I knew I'd have the answer to in a few days. He figured it out, but I really should have had an answer for him. Did get most of the problem with a different account figured out. Hopefully I can get the done early tomorrow.

And read this interesting op-ed piece today. I readily admit my biases. Wish others weren't so hypocritical about them.

Right now I'm on my way home from spending some time with Pete and his hot tub. Had some fun trying to come up with a name for our intramural ultimate frisbee team. I think we've decided on The Rogue Rascals, but I'm not certain. Muscles are now nice and relaxed, so I think it's time to head home and sleep. Good night.

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