Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Another day, another 75 cents (after taxes). Actually, I’m discovering something. You feel much better about yourself if you actually work during work hours. I’m feeling good about what I’ve gotten done this week, and it’s only Tuesday. Now, if I’d just been at this point a month ago I’d feel even better.

Actually got out of bed and ran two miles this morning. Well, most of two miles anyway. Can I at least count one and three quarters? Anyway, I haven’t been feeling it at all today. Either I’m in better shape then I thought (ha!) or it’ll hit me like a ton of bricks and I’ll feel like I got hit by a ton of bricks tomorrow.

After the nice weather we had last week, the temperatures have plunged back down to the 50’s. And we’ve got a strong wind blowing and making things colder. I’m keeping everything closed up tight and hoping that it’ll warm back up soon. (Funny how we perceive that same temperatures in different parts of the country, isn’t it?)

So, Saddam now has 24 hours to get out or we will attack. Let’s just broadcast it a bit louder when we plan to go in, shall we? And what about the intelligence reports that said he’s arming his troops with chemical and biological weapons. I thought he’d been saying for the last 6 months that Bush is a liar and he has none of these. Oops! Didn’t miss the commentator on Fox news who was reporting this, either.

Yes, I’m going to continue with political rants, just so you know.

So I’m watching Fox News off and on all night, and I see someone complaining about the backlash against the anti-war movement and how it’s such a shame since we have freedom of speech in this country. My mouth just hung open. Yes, you have a right to voice opposition to the war. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy to, but you won’t be arrested for doing that. However, that means I have the same right to respond to you however I feel like. Depending on what you say and how you say it, I might reason or affirm, or I might mock, ridicule, and boycott. Those are all my rights. If you can’t take it, maybe you need to consider how you say things. For example, saying “I have a problem with this war because...” and then giving me a valid concern (like some people have done on their blogs) will be just fine. But, if you stand up in a foreign country and say “I as ashamed to be an American,” believe you me I’ll treat you as such. If you’re famous, that doesn’t give you any more right to say anything, it just means that you’ll be heard by more people and you’ll possibly make more people upset by what you say.

To change the topic, Thursday, I saw an interesting article on someone who left our country to be a human shield in Iraq and is now back. Why? Because, he wanted to protect civilians, and Saddam wanted to put him at an army base. Yet this person still didn’t think we should be attacking. I’m sorry, but what did you think would need shielding? Do you honestly think that we’re going after civilians? What kind of country to you think you’re from? And have you paid no attention to one of the many charges being made against Saddam?

For anyone wondering, yes I’m very worried about retaliation. Especially since I live 30 miles from LA, a logical choice for them to attack. Frankly, I’d be surprised if they went for New York again. DC possibly, but it’ll probably be something on the West Coast this time. Possibly up where my parents are 60 miles north of San Francisco as well.

Think I’m about done for now. If you’ve made it this far, I truly thank you for listening to the random ramblings.

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