Tuesday, February 04, 2003

This evening's rant is brought to us by my wonderful representatives here in lovely California. And I voted for not a one of them, as I'm sure you'll understand by the time you've finished this one.

Last night, I was flipping over to the O'Reily Factor on Fox News during commercial breaks for 7th Heaven. One of the segments was going to talk about 5 idiotic things going on in CA right now that the left was doing. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see all of them or you'd get to read even more from me.

First up, our wonderful governor Grey Davis has joyfully signed into law a bill that makes it mandatory to perform abortions before you get your OBGYN license to practice here in the state. So, in order to deliver healthy babies into the world, you must first learn to kill them. And you can object out for religious/conscience reasons, but then you won't get a full license so hospitals will pass over you when selecting doctors who can practice there.

Then this next one was the one that really hit close to home. The Secretary of Education has declared all home schooling illegal no matter the law says. It constitutes educational child endangerment. Didn't even know that existed. And so much for the "pro-choice" people in this country.

Now, the reason this really upset me was because I was home schooled for 7 years and my brother all the way through high school. We are both well adjusted members of society. In fact, I know I'm much much better off for the years I spent at home. And was my education ever in danger? I got a 4.0 the first year back in high school; my brother got a 4.0 in college. And that seems to be standard. I've known lots of home schoolers who started college early and were getting A's and B's. Is that really endangering children? And when we have such low test scores in the state with constant complaints about over crowding in class rooms, why the push to get more kids into the classrooms to get a sub-par education?

You want to test home schooled kids annually? Fine. But don't even think about making it illegal.

As an aside, I'm aware my spelling is still not what it could be (although quite often it's typos). But you should have seen what it was before I was home schooled. And my social skills have taken a long time to develop and still need some work. Again, you should have known me before. I am much, much, much better off for having been at home. And my brother had none of those problems what so ever, so it's more a case of me personally then anything having to do with home schooling.

Ok, time to calm down and go to dinner. Thanks for listening to both of these.

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