Tuesday, January 07, 2003

So, here we are with the promised musing on youth group music and phone bills.

Sunday, after the morning service, I snagged Jon and asked what the plan of attack was for Thursday nights. (BTW, did I mention we're sticking with Thursday after considering switching to Wednesday?) It's just as I figured. I'm going to be in charge of Thursday night worship time. The good news, he wants to get away from the the scripture and stuff that Seth was doing. Wants it to be more "youth" friendly then Sunday adult friendly. The bad news, I'll be very surprised if we get any adults involved at all. And he wants us to start with getting the kids involved. Basically, he was just waiting until Seth and Keirsten left. This has bad news written all over it for me. I'm now going to have to deal with high schoolers who think of me as jr. high staff only. This could get ugly.

Then Sunday night, when Marcus comes home, he wants to discuss the fact that I have him paying for part of the phone each month. Since he's already paying for a cell phone here and in Riverside (don't ask.), he doesn't want to pay for a third number. That makes sense, except that he gets more calls at home then I do. I'll just wait and have to prove to him that he needs to pay. Of course, if I'm wrong, it's not like it's that much. But, even when he's telling people not to call our number to reach him, they are.

And, a bonus rant from last night. Headed down to the laundry room, and there was a sign asking us not to do laundry. Of course, it was gone later. So, now I need to get home and get it done before Buffy and 24. And I have to pick up a couple things (including dinner) on the way home. My life is just so rough. :)

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