Friday, January 31, 2003

"It might as well be spring...."

If you were checking out my site and looked at my weather guy today, yep that was correct. It was in the low 80's today. Had my window opened so I got to enjoy at least some of the nice weather. Of course, it's supposed to cool off 15 degrees tomorrow just in time for the weekend.

On the heels of a great worship time Sunday night came the not so great time last night. I think only two kids were singing. The rest were the staff. The good news is they were noticing it and talking about talking to the kids. I feel kinda funny doing it myself, but if they'll start taking it on, I'll be very happy. We really do seem to have a good team spirit to the group right now.

Guess I won't be seeing Harry Potter 2 in the theater. I was planning to go one night this week, but it was only playing matinees. So I decided to rearrange my schedule and go tomorrow, but now it's not playing at all. Guess I'll have to rent it. As if I rent movies on a regular basis.

Tomorrow, I'm heading down to City Walk again. Skits is organizing a meet up for blogger in Southern CA. And since she "owns" snark!fest and several rings I'm in, thought I'd go. Actually, sounds like fun and I tried to go to a couple earlier but it didn't work out. Just thought someone should know in case I disappear to never reappear. After all, you never know about those psychos you meet on the internet. :)

Tonight is one of my rare free Friday nights. So, how do I plan to spend it? Doing laundry (if I can get into the laundry room to do it.) and watching TV. And the sad thing? Watching TV just doesn't interest me. I'd much rather pop in a DVD or read more in my book. I already have the next two lined up and would like to get through them as quickly as possible.

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