Sunday, January 26, 2003

I got to the Just for Fun pretty late Friday night, but was still able to jump into a game of Aggravation. Not that we finished it. Seems the kids just don't have a very long attention span at those things. Then the entire group of us (about 15) played a dice game called 10,000. Don't know if the Duron's made it up or not, but it sure was lots of fun.

Then Saturday morning, we had a jr. high bike ride. We started on the bike trail that runs through town heading north. Once that ended, we struck out for a geo-cache site. Basically, there are lots of places set up that you can find using a global tracking devise. There's a web site devoted to helping people find the co-ordinates for them. We took a picture to post there, and once I know it's up and can find it, I'll link it so you'll know who some of these people I'm always talking about are. We had lunch at In and Out (I think I'm the only person in Southern CA who is smart enough not to like their burgers.) and headed back to church. All told, we rode a total of 5 miles. And I have now covered every inch of the bike trails through town, too. It's quite extensive, going from near my apartment to the other side of town. Really nice.

Last night was Heather's semi-surprise birthday party. She knew there was going to be a party, just didn't know who all would be there and where it would be. Fun and pizza were had by all. Then Donald, Heather, and I went out to go bowling. There were supposed to be more of us, but everyone else decided not to. I really made up for last weekend, beating Donald both games we played. Of course, it really helped that I got a turkey at the end of the last game!!!!! My first. See, bowling more often really does help me. Unfortunately, our pre-paid hour shut off before my final ball counted (must have been while I rolled it down the alley), so my final score on that game didn't come up. Donald and I calculated it to be 154 however, which is near a record for me. Unless I'm not remembering the correct way to score two strikes in the final frame. I was very happy about that.

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