Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Saw yet another movie yesterday. Kept my NYEve tradition alive and watched The Two Towers. Now, no body hate me or anything, but what's the big deal with this story? I mean, I was so ready for the movie to be over, had several things figured out LONG before they happened, etc. Yes, I'll be watching next year to see how it ends. And maybe that's my problem. I'm just ready to see how it ends and be done with it. Maybe my attention span isn't what it's supposed to be after all.

However, my New Year's plans seem to have fallen through. I was supposed to head out to Ventura with Seth K (other wise known as OtherSeth) early this afternoon. He was going to call me when he was free. I've left two messages for him on his cell phone and am still waiting. On the bright side, I finished the new Thoene novel (one of my Christmas presents) and read a little fan fic. Still, I'm majorly bummed out. Had been looking forward to this for a couple weeks.

And, I've been posting them elsewhere, so I thought maybe I'd copy them here so you can all mock me, too. See, I'm actually making New Year's Resolutions this year. As if they'll last beyond the month. But here they are anyway. :)

1) Eat healthier and loose some weight. Also included in this is working out in the fitness center on my lunch hour and running a couple mornings before work.

2) Actually spend the majority of my work hours working. :)

3) Make the top 500 reviewers at Amazon. Now I know I have a pretty good shot at that. I'm currently at 511.

In spite of what I just said, be back tomorrow morning with the Thursday Threesome. (Hopeless. Completely hopeless.)

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