Saturday, January 11, 2003

Guess I made up for that two posts in one day thing by not posting last night. I just couldn't get my brain to function when it came time to post.

So, Thursday night I show up to youth group. Jon starts giving me the schedule for the night, and he throws out "And a song of two if we have the time. But since it's just you...." I was floored. I NEVER thought that since it was just me right now we'd skip singing. I quickly told him I was prepared, and he did work me in. But now I don't know what to do or expect.

Things went well, expect for this one song where no one knew that I was trying to end it when I did. Need to figure out how to make that work better. Got no feedback from Jon afterwards, so I guess I need to corner him again tomorrow morning.

Last night was career Bible study at Placerita. Except it was just praying through the last year. All well and good, but wasn't really what I needed last night. It was such a struggle to go when I had DVD's calling. Frankly, Friday is beginning to be a struggle again. When it rolls around, all I really want to do is sit home and relax. Yet, I know if I'm not out there, I'll get lonely and depressed again. Don't think I can handle that right now. So I'm stuck with busy and stressed. Is there no middle ground?

Today started off early. Met at the church at 8 AM for a jr. high day trip to the snow. Yep, beach one weekend, snow the next. Plenty warm. Wasn't much snow to be found and it was rather icy, but we found enough for a couple hours of fun. Everyone seemed to have a good time. I know I sure did. And my head didn't get too cold cause it was nice and sunny. Looks like I didn't burn either, thanks to sun screen.

Right now? I think I'm going to head home and enjoy a nice, relaxing evening getting stressed over the first few hours of 24. With maybe a little I Love Lucy thrown in for good measure.

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