Thursday, January 23, 2003

As promised, I'm back to link another couple articles from Breakpoint I thought might be of interest to those wanting to understand SusanSuth and my opinions They are written in a "preaching to the choir" style, but they are still good reads. And they are here and here. Combined with the two from yesterday, they give a very sobering viewpoint.

Frankly, it's so nice to see calm, reasoned posts on this or any controversial subject right now. On a different message board, a couple of conservative jerks have taken over recently and are posting all kinds of comments that do nothing but get everyone else riled up. Frankly, they're driving me crazy with what they say as well. Of course, some of the people telling them to be quiet and their behavior is innappropriate are the same people that have treated me in a similar but less harsh manner in the past, which really drives me crazy. Anyway, calm thoughts that actually say something instead of name calling are always appreciated.

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