Sunday, September 08, 2002

Thought I'd start off today with something I haven't done in a long time, Chris's Sunday Op-Ed.

1. Snoring
What is something I don't do? Although I can remember getting into a discussion with Josh over whether he did or not. He deneyed it, but then again, I was the roommate. I still maintain that you can't really know if you do or not, even if Jeff says he wakes himself up snoring. And, as long as we're discussing all my former roommates, when Donald was asleep, you could hardly hear him breathing at all.

2. Laughing
What do I love to do? Of course, everyone loves to laugh. But a true joke just makes my day. Which is funny considering how few sit-coms I'm watching these days.

3. Crying
What do I do at the drop of a hat? I confess, I cry at things almost as much as my mom does. :) And the Sigmund Brouwer book I read this week had me crying almost all the way through. It was a great book.

"Blessed are those who are happy over the little things for they will never be truly upset for long." Mark Baker

Ok, so it needs a little more work, but that describes me right now. Yesterday, my hair had reached the point where I had to do something with it. And since I hadn't been able to connect with Tim all week to see about setting up a haircut, I took out my clippers and attacked it myself. I decided to be brave and try blending it, and it really didn't come out all that bad. Of course, it doesn't look nearly as nice as it would if Tim had done it, but considering he graduates in December, the fact that I can do something like this by myself made me really happy.

And, for the added bit of irony, about two minutes after I'd started, Tim came to the door. By then I was committed to getting something yesterday and he didn't have the time right then. But the irony really got to me.

Must go. I'm heading to the Sisters in Crime meeting in Passadena that starts in one hour and I haven't eaten lunch yet. Taffy Cannon is speaking. Not only do I think it will be enjoyable, but I also need to get her latest autographed.

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