Monday, September 09, 2002

So Taffy really didn't have much out of the ordinary to say about creating characters. But I enjoyed getting to chat with her and Tom Sawyer (of Murder, She Wrote fame) for a few minutes. And spend $91 on books from Linda. It's really a blessing and a curse that she's closing in two weeks.

When I got home, Mom and Dad called. They're sorting through records and wanted to see if I wanted any. Well, I took most of the kids records. Just can't stand to get rid of them. And when I have kids of my own, they're be the only ones who know such people like Psalty the Singing Songbook and Colby and Nanny Bird. Why aren't they still in print?

Had a SNYF last night. All the kids went swimming, but the staff stood around and talked about throwing each other in. I'm a little surprised I didn't wind up in because I was the only one dressed for it. I think the fact that we were about to start singing and that means I need to be dry for my guitar helped.

And I have very little planned this week. Turns out that we're having a special prayer service at church Wednesday night, so no Bible study and no reason to go over to S&K's tomorrow night. Will I get more reading done with the extra time? Only time will tell.

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