Wednesday, September 11, 2002

One year ago today.

Seems to me that so much has happened in my life it's hard to believe it's only been a year. (And if you want my thoughts on last year itself, head over to my post on The Back Porch. Sorry, don't have archives going back that far.)

Now, everyone refers to 9/11/01 as the day America changed. But can I ask what exactly changed?

(WARNING, this is the promised rant. If you don't feel like reading this or want to come back to it some other time, I will certainly understand.)

Nothing. Our country has gone back to business as usual except we're fighting a war that very few of us are effected by.

Maybe it's just that I'm living here in LA and on the other side of the country from the attacks. And I knew no one involved in any way. But it seems after the first two months, we went back to business as usual in this country, except with more flags flying then normal.

First, there's our reaction to this after several months. Within the first few hours, there was an immediate recognition of who was responsible for this. It was Muslim extremists. Never forget that. But, as that article I linked to from a couple weeks ago showed, we've already started rewriting the history that we're teaching our students in schools about it. And we're making Islam out to be a peace loving religion. Now, please do not misunderstand, I'm not saying every single Muslim was behind what happened a year ago. But to start rewriting history already is just shocking to me.

Then there's our relationship to Israel and their repeated terrorist attacks. President Bush (and I do respect him), made that great speech about never negotiating with terrorists. Yet what happens with the Palestinians? Politics being what they are, he keeps trying to get Israel to negotiate with them. Come again? And lest we think they are wrong, let's remember that they have repeated bombed innocent civilians. What's right about this? Then there was their own reaction to what happened to us last year, as demonstrated here and here. (Links thanks to InstaPundit.)

Finally, there's the news media. Heaven forbid that the current administration is less then forth coming about their current plans. In war, surprise and secrecy is necessary. Yet they demand their right to know and act as if it's a scandal when they don't know everything before it happens. Anyone beside me remember the outrage they expressed when they weren't told exactly where President Bush was immediately after the attacks. Guess what? It's coming out on 60 minutes II tonight that Air Force one was a target. So maybe we didn't have a right to know. Actually, we don't have a right to know. We do have freedom of the press, but maybe the press needs to start policing itself a little more.

Last night, I was watching the local news, and they had a report on reporters smuggling knives like those used in the attacks through metal detectors in European airports. Is this really important news or are we just announcing where the terrorists can go next. And if it were to happen, then the news media would be shocked, not accepting any responsibility for what happened. (And yes, I know I just repeated it. But the 20 or so of you who read this everyday don't have the same threat as the millions who watch LA news each night.)

Frankly, I'm also a little disappointed with our War on Terror at the moment, too. Seems to me we've stalled. And I know that attacking Iraq will be ugly with much potential fallout, but I do feel it needs to be done. We've let that jerk thumb his nose at us way too long.

I realize I may have just stepped on some toes, but this is what I believe is right.


So, what am I thankful for today? I'm thankful that I and my family live in a place of freedom. A place where I can publish the above rant and not fear reprisal from the government. We may not be a perfect country, but it's certainly better then many of the alternatives.

And I'm thankful I know someone who is still in charge. My first thought when I saw the destruction last year was "Thank God this didn't surprise Him." At times like that, it is very comforting to know that no matter what happens, God is still in control of my life and this world, and no matter what happens, God's not going anywhere. And when my life is over, I will be spending eternity with Him.

I'd like to end with the lyrics to a song I've really come to love in the last year. I posted this over at Zap's board as well.
And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free.
And I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me.
And I'll gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today.
'Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land.

--Lee Greenwood

God, thank you for this country.

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