Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Jeremiah didn't wind up coming over last night. Had this stupid thing called homework. So I watched the premere of 7th Heaven. It was wonderful to be watching a new episode of something again. And I laughed so hard at parts. It's a wonderful sit-com.

Power went off at some point last night. Woke up to flashing VCRs and such. But my batteries backed up my alarm clock just fine, unfortunately.

Went out at lunch time and picked up my copy of Monsters, Inc. Wish I had time to watch it soon. Seems like all the good stuff comes out right before I'm going to be gone. Also got Lifehouse's new CD. Think I'll need to let it grow on me. But I'm not too worried. It took their first one quite a while to grow on me, but I love it now.

Meanwhile, I think I'll go eat dinner, pick up some groceries, finish getting the worship set for tomorrow put together so we can start on time, set my VCR's for tonight's stuff, and hopefully have some time to read.

Just got off the phone with TJ, telling him I won't need him as a roommate. Now, things had better come through with Marcus because all my eggs are in one basket instead of two.

Have a good night.

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