Wednesday, September 04, 2002

I was certain I needed to blog, but now I can't remember what I wanted to say. Don't worry, I'll think of something. :)

I feel all out of sync. Today feels like Tuesday even though I went over to Seth and Keirsten's last night. And I was rather proud of myself, too. I came up with a great worship set in 10 minutes. So, some of the songs were a little obvious, but I think it'll work well.

Also found out that we're once again talking about getting some of the kids involved in leading worship. Sounds very familiar. Now, we'll have to see if it goes any further then it has over the last 2 years. If it does, this means my life will be much less flexible. Like I can't sign up for summer league next year because I can't expect several different families to dance around my summer schedule. Who knows? Maybe I won't be doing it on Wednesday at all by that point. We'll just have to see what happens.

Also found out that Seth may take classes for a ThM from Master's Seminary. In which case, they might stay in town for another two years.

Went to Wal-Mart twice looking for several things, like laundry detergent, teethbrush, and the new TV Guide. But thanks to the holiday weekend, they were out of all three. And I'm dieing to get my hands on the new issue. Is it the fall preview of new shows or returning shows? I can never remember which they do first.

Anna, how long ago did you change the name of your blog? I just discovered you had today.

And, finally, Chris has graciously offered to pay for a trip to Disney World in Florida. Isn't that how you'd interpret his comment on my post from yesterday? :)

Down to 60 pages in my book. Finally! Just because I'm in a hurry to read as much as possible before Linda closes Crime Time I haven't felt like reading when I had the chance. Isn't it ironic, don't you think?

You did know better then to think because I couldn't remember what to say that I wouldn't come up with something to say, right? Of course, once I got started, it did come back. Bettter get this posted so I can get ready for Bible study and then have Matt and Jeremiah over for the first two official episodes of Babylon 5.

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