Friday, September 27, 2002

I have a roommate!!!! Got a message while I was out and about last night from Dave telling me Marcus finally has the job. Now we just need to work out the details of him moving in.

Had fun at the Survivor party last night. I was probably the only one completely "into" the show. So I don't know if I'll go back or not. And it really threw my TV schdule off. Then I called Jeff about coming over tomorrow night to watch Monsters, Inc. and he wound up coming over last night and watching Friends as well. So I watched Without a Trace today at lunch time. Confused yet? Me, too. :)

But here are a few thoughts.

Survivor - Don't have a lot to say. They were smart to get rid or Tanya. Now, they just need to win the next couple challenges.
Friends - Did you really think they have them get together that easily? Of course not. As long as they're together by the end of the series I'll be happy.
Without a Trace - Perfect match with CSI. (BTW, the Miami spin-off is ok. Not as good as the original.) Really enjoyed the openner and definately planning to tune in again.

Forgot to mention yesterday that Monday night we had dinner in the Awhani hotel. Or however it's spelled. Fortunately, it was my uncle and aunt's treat. It's really expensive. Fun, but only because I wasn't paying.

Only 52 hours until the premier of Alias Sunday night. Can't wait to see what happens next! (And if you're interested, they're having a 9 hour marathon on ABC Family starting Sunday at noon. Don't know what episodes for sure, but I'd assume they'll lead up to the finale from last season ending right before the new season starts.)

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