Wednesday, September 18, 2002

I forgot to blog about something yesterday. (How many times do I start with that line, anyway?) With the Monsters, Inc. DVD is a trailer for Pixar's new movie, Finding Nemo, coming this summer. While it's kinda like the first trailer for M,I in that it really doesn't give you any idea what it's about plot wise, it looks like lots of fun. And the visuals are stunning. It's all underwater, and I can't wait to see it.

At S&K's last night found out their leaning strongly toward the seminary they'd leave for in the Spring. And talked to Jeff last night, who's talking about returning to Idaho in the Spring. Much cheaper for him to go to school there. The smart thing to do, but I don't want him to leave yet.

Watched the premier of Life with Bonnie last night. Frantic episode. Hopefully it will be better as a regular show. Don't know if I could stand it on a weekly basis otherwise.

And, in case you missed it, TV Guide's cover article this week is on ALIAS!!!! Interesting, but not a whole lot of new info other then they might dumb down the plot a little. I sure hope not. All the levels of plot were exactly why I loved that show. Then I caught the beginning of Regis and Kelly in Prime time. Since they were going to interview Jennifer Garner (who will win Sunday night!), I taped it, found the interview this morning, and watched that part only. No, I'm not obsessed at all. Have I mentioned recently that it's only 1 week 4 days until the new season starts? Can't wait.

And, speaking of other things we're counting down, it's 1 week 6 days until David Meece's first CD in 7 years (1st new in 9 years) comes out. That is a release that I must get the day it comes out.

Tonight after Bible Study, S,K, and I are meeting with the new youth pastor to discuss having kids join us in leading worship on Wednesday nights. And then Matt and Jeremiah will be coming over to watch the Enterprise premier. Can't wait to see how they resolve that cliff hanger.

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