Tuesday, September 10, 2002

I didn't mention the fact that I didn't have lunch yesterday. Or as much as normal. You see, when I went home, I discovered that the bread I was intending to make my sandwich out of was all moldy. And rather gross, too. I really didn't feel like trying to do something different, so I just had my yogart. But it was truly a blessing because they had enchalladas and hamburgers in the cafe for dinner last night. And I didn't have to feel at all guilty for having both.

I actually read last night. Read about half of Nursery Crimes and got started on Coffin's Got the Dead Guy Inside. The first was good, I just can't decide if I want to get all three in hardcover from Linda or if paperback will be good enough. And the jury is still out on Coffin. It's written in a minimulist style that's really hard to follow. For example, I don't know some of these character's relationship. This is a second in the series (which I hate starting with, but it's what Linda had several months ago.) Still there's very little description at all, which makes it hard. It's how I write, which I know is a bad habbit. And here's why.

I really should do laundry tonight. But probably won't. Think I'll go home, (after I get groceries), read until the Friends rerun starts at 7, and watch both episodes of Buffy tonight. That doesn't get much reading done, but it sounds so nice....

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