Friday, September 20, 2002

Hmm, what to say today? :)

Of course I'm going to start with Survivor. What did you think? (And if you missed it, CBS is going to show it again Saturday night. So skip the next couple paragraphs and watch then if you're so inclined.)

First, the two teams. We've got the cocky and in better shape team, then we've got the older but wiser team. Granted, the older but wiser team lost last night, but my money is on them to pull it out more times because of their knowledge. After all, they were ahead until Ghandia lost the challenge for them. Why she didn't go is beyond me. She would have had my vote. And, while I'm sad to see the pastor leave so soon, at least he didn't wind up appearing as a hypocrite before he left.

Next week, Robb leaves. He's getting very upset when everyone doesn't follow his orders (and I agree with his teammates that they needed food as well as shelter.) Also, who in their right mind brings a skateboard to Survivor? I mean, hello?

Pretty much did nothing be watch TV last night. I've been fighting with both places about my AC, both sides are blaiming the other side. And even if the compressor is the problem, Honda might not pay for it because it's been in an accident. What kind of warrantee is that? Frustration city. I don't have an extra $400 right now.

This may be the last chance I have to blog for almost a week. Tomorrow, I've got to be at church at 8. We're talking the jr. high down to Huntington Beach to play frisbee golf. Then I'm heading over to Pasadena for the closing of Crime Time. :( I'll be getting at least two books, however. Then, Sunday, after church, I'm off to Yosemite with my family and Aunt Martie's family until Wednesday. Should be loads of fun.

I want to close with another article. This one talks about the scare last Friday and says exactly what I've been thinking. The book I finished Wednesday was a mystery set during the Civil War. I found it very interesting that some of what was happening back then is happening now. Only back then people understood that during a time of declared war, things are different then during peace time. I think it's been so long since we were in a real war where we were in danger that my generation and the previous generation have forgotten that fact. But the article explains things better then I can.

Have a great week and I'll see you in 6.

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