Thursday, September 26, 2002

Guess this is what I get for wondering what people were talking about with Blogger eating posts. Just eat mine. Let's see if I can recap rather quickly here since I want to be leaving now.

Friday night last week - Had fun at the game night. We played Risk 2210, and I came in second. But I stayed much later then I had intended to. Didn't get home until 1AM. But that didn't stop me from watching the season premiers of Sabrina and Reba. (Quick thoughts. Sabrina will take some getting used to again. And I really dislike the fact that they did nothing with last season's cliffhanger. Reba still looks good.)

Saturday - Had to be at church by 8AM for the jr. high frisbee golf, which was fun. Then I headed over to Pasadena, where I spent $90 on books again. I think it's a good think Linda's closed. Then I went out to dinner with Linda and Jan, getting home at 10 PM.

Sunday, after Sunday school, I left for Yosemite. Had a great time, wasn't nearly long enough. The park is still absolutely beautiful, even though the waterfalls were dry. Something about it being fall and there being a light snow pack. Still, definately worth the trip.

And tonight, I'm heading out to a Survivor party. There will be three of us who watch the show religiously, and a bunch who have never seen it before. Should be interesting and fun.

Right now, however, I need to get to dinner. Still have three free meals this week. :)

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