Thursday, September 05, 2002

Good morning. Must be time for the Thursday Threesome from The Back Porch.

Onesome. Autumn. As the season changes, what changes for you? Your Daily Routine? Weekend Schedules? Your Mood?
When Fall rolls around, my biggest change is the new Tv season. :) Seriously, my job is fairly consistent through the year, July being the odd month. My life really isn't ruled by school, even though I work at one. And with youth group going through the entire year, my off times don't change that much either. Like I said three months ago, summer always seems different to me, but I'm really not sure why since my life just continues on like always. But I kinda like it that way.

Twosome. Soap. Come now, fess up. Are you a squeaky clean kind of person - or are there dark secrets hidden in your closets???
Of course I'm clean. I take a shower every morning. :) Seriously, if you know me at all, you know me. I can't hide anything for very long.

Threesome. Sale. Have you ever bought something absolutely ridiculous or unnecessary, simply because it was on sale and "such a good deal"? Is it tucked away in the attic or a closet - or did you find it really useful?
I just bought a CD I don't need and probably won't listen to because it was a big name and on sale. But it was only $3.95!!!

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