Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What Didn't I Do This Weekend?

Actually, lots. But I was a busy guy, especially Saturday. How busy? I left the house at 10 AM and didn't return until after midnight. I had a book with me the entire time and never once touched it.

Actually, the fun started Friday night with career Bible study. It was a nice night of worship, prayer, and fellowship.

Saturday started earlier then I wanted it to. I woke up an hour before my alarm went off. Yet somehow, I still left exactly when I wanted to. Stupid internet. :)

So I start out by driving by the courthouse in San Fernando. I'm on jury duty this week down there, so I thought it might be a good idea to find out where I was going. So far, I haven't had to show up yet. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Then I went down to The Mystery Bookstore for a book signing. I had just read Randall Hicks debut The Baby Game and wanted to get the sequel, Baby Crimes. Only one other person show up, and she was a friend of his. So the three of us got some nice time to chat.

From there, I headed to Glendale Centre Theatre for their production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. I barely found a place to get lunch before it was time to meet Angelique. They did a great job and we both enjoyed it. They made great use of the limited space and pulled it off quite well. I so want to go back and watch it again.

Because Angelique had to go, I decided to stick around in the area for a sneak peak screening of The Kingdom. It was wonderful to see Jennifer Garner again. What else did I think about the movie? Really didn't like it. Too much shakey camera work made it hard to concentrate on the story.

So, after all that, do you think I went home? Wrong!

I really wanted to head down to pick up a limited edition pin at Disneyland celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Jungle Book. And since Glendale is half way there already.... I was proud of myself. I spent about two thirds of what I have been spending on those trips.

Sunday didn't involve nearly as much travel, but it was still eventful.

At the Sunday morning church service, we were told that the search committe has decided not to submit Pastor Jon to us as a candidate for our new pastor. I am sure everyone was as shocked as I was. I think everyone has assumed he'd get the job. So I have no clue where we will head from here. One candidate at a time is all I know. Frankly, I still have mixed emotions about the decision.

Sunday night, I attended an activity sponsered by The GAP. It's the new group at church for college grads, singles, and young marries. Basically a chance to sit around and socialize. Got to talk to someone at our church who used to work for Disney, so that was fun.

You can understand why I was ready to get back to work yesterday. I needed the rest.

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