Monday, September 17, 2007

The Only OJ I Care About... the kind from oranges. But since everyone else, or at least the news media, is focused on a different one....

So, good ole OJ Simpson has gone and gotten himself arrested. Again.

I hope this time that the police don't bungle the case. The guy needs to learn that his celebrity status doesn't let him get away with robbery. It may have let him get away with murder, but there has to be a line somewhere.

At least the judge was smart enough not to let him out on bail. That way, TV won't be interrupted with another low speed chase on the freeway.

If he wasn't famous, no one would even care.

Frankly, I wonder how many people care now.

But you know what I find most ironic about this? This happened just days after his book came out. And did you notice the subtitle the Goldman family gave the book? "Confessions of a Killer." And look at the font on the cover. Nice.


Susan said...

I don't understand how OJ could write the thing in the first place (ESPECIALLY if he were innocent) and how the Goldman family can live with themselves for making money off of it.

If I were their son, I'd come back and haunt them.

Mark Baker said...

I think their idea behind publishing the book was to expose OJ. As to the money, they are still waiting for the money they won in the civil case against him.

That doesn't bother me nearly as much as OJ writing the book in the first place does. I don't think I will ever understand what in the world he was thinking when he did that.

Kiefler said...

Well, he's already past all litigation. You can only be tried once for criminal trial, and he's already been found guilty in civil trial. There's nothing else that can be done, even if he didn't include that "if".

Mark Baker said...

I know. But it still bothers me.