Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Summer League Game 3

Monday night was the third summer league game of the season, and the only one not an hour drive away.  I was pumped since I didn’t have to spend so long fighting traffic.  We had another great turn out, and the other team was small in numbers.

Unfortunately, they had great players, who played very well.  It was never really super close, with them beating us 15-7.  It’s hard to point at any particular thing as several people seemed to have off nights.  I know I was about average.  I connected well on a couple of points, and completely threw it away the last time I had the disc.  However, I appreciate the fact that I am getting the disc when I am on the field.  For too many years, I have been ignored, so this is a very positive development.

Our next game is Tuesday.  I think we are due for a win then, right?

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