Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Beach League Week 4

It’s official – we are now 0-7.  Yep, I’m leading with the outcome, we lost both of our games again this week.  How I wish it weren’t so.

We actually started out up in the first game by 2-0, and it was 4-2 at one point.  But then the wind picked up and we couldn’t really get it together.  We lost 7-11 or something like that.

In the second game, we were playing the dominate team in the league, the team that drafted some unknowns late in the process and got lucky with outstanding players.  We lost to them 4-11, which is better than the last time we played them (3-11) and the first team to play them that day (1-11).

Still, I felt I had a good day.  I caught a score and assisted with a score in the first game.  I wasn’t scored on easily during the times I was on the field.  It felt good.

As I mentioned, it was windy most of the day, which was a bummer, but it was warm and the sky was perfectly blue.  Plus, I was at the beach.  It would be nice to win upon occasion, but at least the location and weather were pleasant.

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